Leadership Exchanges

The Leadership Exchange initiative pairs leaders at middle, senior and executive levels in brief exchanges to learn from each other across sectors.  This provides an insight into different cultures, constraints and opportunities within the public service, offering a different perspective on your leadership role, the opportunity to make new connections and a chance to develop your leadership skill capacity.

A Leadership Exchange can provide you with:

  • space to reflect on your leadership style
  • an opportunity to enhance awareness and understanding of other organisations, their challenges and governance
  • a confidential ‘sounding board’ to challenge ideas and explore innovative ways of working
  • a chance to share best practice.
  • a greater understanding between organisations and individuals

Leadership Exchanges are possible across all sectors – public, private and third sector organisations.

  • Leadership Exchanges are a free and time effective solution to personal and organisational development
  • They create stronger links and a greater understanding between organisations, highlighting areas of synergy and opportunity for mutual benefit
  • Leadership Exchanges can act as a conduit between sectors once a strong link is built between individuals
  • Leadership Exchanges offer an insight into the different cultures, languages, constraints and opportunities that their counterparts work with. An exchange will allow you a different perspective on your leadership style and you will make essential connections in another sector.

To register for a Leadership Exchange, click below or email Phili Wetton:



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