Week 7 & 8: Leading in Unknowing


We are delighted to be working with Martin Kalungu-Banda on our theme of Leading in Unknowing, offered from 8 to 19 June. Some colleagues may be aware that we were due to host an event with Martin around the theme of “What Does it Take To Lead in Times Like These?” on Friday 20 March. Little did we know at the time that we were coming to the end of times like those, and escalating into a time of previously unimaginable disruption. It turned out that there was no prospect of coming together for an event at that time, nor for the foreseeable future.

We are therefore particularly pleased to be offering a series of online learning opportunities with Martin from early June, creating short but in-depth opportunities to learn and reflect together on our leadership at times of unknowing. The sessions are offered as a series, with participants invited to sign up to attend all four sessions, creating a sense of progression over the two weeks. Martin will take participants through key concepts and practices of leadership in these times, with embedded opportunities to connect, practice and share experiences. The sessions are organised as follows:

Session 1

Responding to Moments of Disruption

Recorded 9 June 2020.

Session 2

The Core 'Software' of Transformational Leadership

Recorded 16 June 2020.

Session 3

From Ego to Eco-System Awareness

Recorded on 18 June 2020.

Session 4

Self as an Instrument

Recorded on 25 June 2020.

On Martin Kalungu-Banda

Martin Kalungu-Banda is a consultant in organisation and leadership development, a facilitator of innovation and change; trainer, coach and author. He is a part of the faculty at The Presencing Institute. He works with business, government and civil society leaders globally and has led collaborative innovation on diverse issues: Heart surgery costs (India & UK); Sustainable cities (London & Shanghai); Water shortage (Middle East & UK); Carbon emissions (UK & India); and the Coral Triangle tuna industry.

Supportive Practices

We are also offering a range of resources and supportive practices to align with the content of the sessions.