1-2 September 2021

The Leadership Campfires

A Global Space to Explore Collective Leadership & Leadership-As-Practice

“…our overreliance on an individual, heroic model of leadership will only continue to dampen the energy and creativity of people in our organizations and communities”

 Joe Raelin

Photo by Tomáš Malík from Pexels

Online Festival Calendar

The Leadership Campfires Festival is now over. However, you can still view what events were on by clicking the button below or viewing the PDF programme. You can also join the Leadership Campfires LinkedIn group and follow @CollectiveScot to stay up-to-date on what’s next. 

About the Mini-Festival

The Leadership Campfires is a two-day online global festival bringing together people to explore experiences and ideas for practicing leadership as collaborative agency. The festival took place for the first time on 1-2 September 2021. It featured a variety of self-hosted 80-minute campfires scheduled throughout the two days and offered across varying time zones. It enabled participants from all over the world to meet and inquire about hosted topics revolving around Collective Leadership and Leadership-As-Practice.

All Leadership Campfire events were online, free and open to participants from all backgrounds or localities. All events focussed on participation with participants and feature engaging and conversational content. 

Photo by R. T. COWEN from Pexels

About the Organisers

The festival is co-produced by the Leadership-as-Practice Events Committee and Collective Leadership for Scotland. We share a passion to explore ideas together that can “raise each other up!”. 

You can read about our previous co-hosted event ‘How to raise each other up?’ in this blog post. Likewise, you might find Janet Whitley’s newest blog post of interest. It explores the the impact of the pandemic on working internationally and the development of the Leadership Campfires festival.