Skilled Workers, Skilled Citizens

Developing a community assets based approach to workforce development.

Skilled Workers Skilled Citizens developed a community assets based approach to workforce development, which means that people who use public services get involved in developing the workforce that provides their services.

The project has now ended, but you can still watch our videos and read more about Skilled Workers, Skilled Citizens below.

[vimeo 121735959 w=800 h=281]

In doing so, not only do the workers get better skills and deliver higher quality services, but the citizens themselves develop their own skills and confidence. It also builds positive relationships between services and communities.

SWSC seeks to:

  • engage with people and communities in coming to a shared understanding about how they want to be involved in workforce development and identifying the skills they need to develop in order to participate fully
  • engage with staff across a range of public service organisations to come to a shared understanding of the skills and knowledge they need to feel able and enabled to engage fully with people and communities
  • develop ideas into practical tools and resources that organisations can use
  • establish and evaluate pioneer sites in a range of public service organisations
  • use the evidence from evaluation to develop a toolkit for organisations to use as a starting point in their journey to implementing Skilled Workers, Skilled Citizens

Skilled Workers Skilled Citizens – vimeo channel

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