Review of Potential for Future Delivery of Collective Leadership for Scotland

Background and Context

Over recent months there have been discussions within the SLF Leadership Development Group on the work and future of Collective Leadership for Scotland. These have covered an evaluation of the impact of the work of Collective Leadership for Scotland, including an independent evaluation of the Police and Local Government Collaborative Leadership pilots, as well as some initial exploration of the governance arrangements in place for this work, and how this relates to the SLF Leadership Development Group.

Since then, a decision has been made to end the current SG funding for this work in March 2023 and it has been decided that there should be a collaborative review with partners to discern the potential for future delivery of Collective Leadership for Scotland. With a wealth of positive evaluation materials to hand that illustrate the impact of the work and the extent to which it has value across our wider system, and significant and growing demand for the work undertaken, this will be an opportunity to identify the aspects of the CLfS provision that would be most of value across our wider system, what business and resourcing models are feasible and what level of contribution can be made by beneficiaries of the work, leading to an evidence-based decision on what we do next.

The Review work will commence in the coming weeks and there is likely going to be a range of opportunities for you to participate, share your views and contribute to our exploration of possible futures. If you would like to get in touch with our team regarding the review, please get in touch with