Scottish Coaching and Mentoring Collaborative - Offer Paused

Announcement - August 2020

Many colleagues will be aware that Coaching has been a long standing component of our collaborative work across public services and that Coaching sits as a really important dimension of support and development for leadership roles.  The Scottish Coaching and Mentoring Collaborative has been leading this aspect of work over recent years, matching up coaches with clients across public services, hosting events and developing coaching resources. We know that this work has been really well-received and the most recent event had a large number of attendees. Over recent months there have been some changes in the partners who have been leading the Scottish Coaching and Mentoring Collaborative, with the departure of the two co-chairs from the group. Our sincere thanks are extended to the SCMC and all of the partners who have been involved in this work.

More recently, we have heard from NHS Education for Scotland that the platform that supports the matching of coaches with clients, People Connect, is to be de-commissioned over the next few weeks. The platform doesn’t meet the current demands any longer, as the technology used to run it is out of date, and cannot be maintained. NHS Education for Scotland will be in touch shortly with the coaches registered in the platform and other relevant stakeholders with more details.

Whilst we still continue to explore the views of colleagues who have been involved in the SCMC, it does seem likely that the coaching offer through SCMC will be on hold. It therefore feels timely to see if there is an appetite for a wider conversation about coaching across public services, thinking particularly about how best we can build a coaching offer that responds well to complexity and times of disruption. If you feel you would like to be part of this conversation, please let get in touch with us via