Leadership Exchange

The Leadership Exchange Programme is an initiative that pairs leaders at middle, senior and executive levels and from across sectors to improve leadership capacity between peers.

The purpose is to provide a platform for cross-sector knowledge sharing where leaders can gain an insight into the different cultures, constraints and opportunities their counterparts work with.

A Leadership Exchange takes the form of flexible meetings where you and your partner take part in activities to learn more about each other’s world of work. These activities may include: shadowing each other at work, attending meetings/events together, meeting informally out with the work environment.

Benefits for you as a leader:

  • The space to take time out and reflect on your leadership role
  • An opportunity to enhance your awareness of another organisation and sector, developing an understanding of their challenges, business planning processes and governance
  • An independent and confidential ‘sounding board’ to exchange and challenge ideas and explore innovative ways of working that both motivate and inspire you
  • The ability to share best practice and encourage collaborative working
  • A chance to develop a new relationship with a cross sector colleague, gaining essential connections and future networking opportunities

The programme operates twice yearly matching cohorts. For the next cohort submission deadlines click here.

If you would like to learn more about the Leadership Exchange Programme, click here and here or contact the Service Co-ordinator at services@acosvo.org.uk or 0131 510 8940.