Update: Please note that the CLFS work is currently under review and the team will currently not be offering its full range of development offers. You can read the full November team update here.

Inner Work for Creative Bravery


In times like these we may all be pulled between the best of times and the worst of times. We are asking how do we draw from our inner wisdom to become our most creative self, to manage the anxieties of not knowing whilst taking the opportunities to be creatively brave?  

Drawing from our own experiences and the inspiration of people like Brené Brown, Elizabeth Gilbert, Krishnamurti and Rumi, as well as a range of other poets, philosophers and artists, we offered sessions on what inner work we need to do to be creative. We invited you to reflect on the inner barriers that stop you being creative – in all or any domain of your life, from how we lead and work to how we live and relate, to ourselves and each other.  We explored with others how we can work with and/or work through these barriers.  These were experiential sessions – using paper, pens, an open mind and a willingness to share your own creative bravery.  

On these pages you can find our reflections from these sessions together with resources that you might find helpful. 

Session Overview

Session 1

The Undercurrent & The Observer

Session 2

The Inner Child & The Inner Critic

Session 3

Managing Change, New Beginnings

managing change - new beginning phase

Session 4

The Embrace & Love

inner bravery love

Session 5

The Gardens & Systems


Session 6

The Journey & Evaluation


Artwork by Lorna Brown.

Please don’t reproduce or use without the artist’s permission. (lorna.a.i.brown@gmail.com)