Collective Leadership for Scotland

28 February – 3 March

Illuminating Leadership Festival 2022

Taking place for the first time from 28th February to 3th March 2022, Illuminating Leadership 2022 is a global online festival aiming to shed light on the benefits and opportunities, as well as challenges of collective, systems- and place-based leadership.

Over the course of four days, the festival will see a variety of self-hosted events, during which participants and hosts can reflect, share, and identify ways in which we can support people across public services and beyond to feel truly empowered, sufficiently emboldened and able to use their creativity in a way that supports real improvement.

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This festival aims to explore the light and shade of collective leadership. Please note that your event should focus on collective, not individual leadership, and be of a discursive nature, allowing participants to engage around the topic with one another. Please make sure you read our guidance page before submitting your event.

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