The future will be made by us, together

“Join us to explore what we really mean by leadership, management and everything in between – and what this means for our future.

In this event, we’ll try to collectively disentangle management and leadership: the purposes they serve, the skills they require, and who exactly they involve. We’ll explore how management is concerned with bringing order and certainty to organising, while leadership involves living and thriving in conditions of uncertainty that call for creative, disruptive, and sometimes even subversive solutions.

This session is a collaboration between Project Lift, Kaleidoscope Health and Care, and Barbara Simpson, Professor of Leadership and Organisational Dynamics at Strathclyde Business School in Glasgow, who will share her perspective.

Together, in an engaging and interactive session, we’ll explore questions like: What’s really different between leadership and management? When do we actually see new futures come about in our organisations? What could be different?

Find out more below”

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