Update: Please note that the CLFS work is currently under review and the team will currently not be offering its full range of development offers. You can read the full November team update here.

Facilitating and Hosting Conversations Online


Are you interested in sharing your skills, ideas, methods, approaches with your peers in a relaxed space on-line?

We have all been challenged to create on-line spaces for connecting with others and to have conversations that encourage inquiry, curiosity and the opening up of diverse perspectives.

In the past, Collective Leadership for Scotland, have hosted open space, network meetings in physical locations for facilitators to come together and share practices, raise questions and test out new ideas. We are interested in exploring how this open space approach might work on-line.

This will be an open space meeting so please do bring along topics or questions you want to share or discuss with the network.  Open Space Network are for those working in and with public services. 

The Ethos

The facilitating and hosting network provides a safe space to:

1. explore facilitation in more depth (bring along a live issue about your facilitation or hosting you would like to critically reflect on);

2. share a method or technique you have found helpful or;

3. test out something (a work in progress) which you will be using for real at a later date.

If you would like to learn more about what an Open Space is, visit the involve.org.uk website here

Image by & available at: Open Space Technology | involve.org.uk