Community Gallery - Images for Renewal


Running alongside the Collective Leadership for Renewal Programme, ‘Images for Renewal’ is an invitation to colleagues to share their own images – photo, poems, magazine clippings etc. with the Collective Leadership Community on Twitter. The aim is to to provide contemplative space for people to share images around ‘renewal’ that might emerge over the course of the programme  – and to build a collective photo gallery for open use on the website. 

Ideas for Reflection with Images

Images can present a powerful resource to support our reflection and contemplation and can be used in many different ways to support our conversations and our work together. 
An example of this would be to invite colleagues, or participants in a group, to select an image that they feel drawn to from the gallery, taking time to look through the images on offer and watching out for the image that they respond to most strongly.  We can then allow time for personal reflection on what the image provokes for everyone, potentially using some prompt questions to support this such as:

  • How would you describe what drew you to this particular image?
  • How does it make you feel?
  • How does it connect to the theme of renewal for you?

Reflection on these questions may also be supported with journaling around the prompt questions.  After around 15 minutes, if working with a group, it can then be beneficial for colleagues to share the story of their image and what came up in response to the questions, while others listen, without interrupting.  This can then be followed up with a wider conversation in the group around the images, prompt questions and emerging themes.