Update: Please note that the CLFS work is currently under review and the team will currently not be offering its full range of development offers. You can read the full November team update here.

Coaching for Systemic Change

Seeking to work and lead collectively in pursuit of systemic change at times like these can feel uncertain, exhausting and disorientating, however much it feels like the right thing to do. It might, therefore, feel like to right time to pause, reflect and work together with a trained coach to examine the different aspects of your systemic change work and to explore what steps you can take to better achieve the outcomes you are working towards.

The Collective Leadership for Scotland team are offering Coaching for Systemic Change, seeking to support individuals or teams who are trying to make changes in how they work to adopt a more systemic approach. The Collective Leadership Practice Team all hold an Advanced Certificate in Coaching Practice and are members of the Association for Coaching.

Is this coaching right for you or your team?

  • Are you working on a complex issue?
  • Are you trying to work in partnership to achieve an outcome?
  • Do you recognise that doing things in the familiar way is not going to get the results
  • Are you willing to experiment and commit to learn together

If you answered yes to these questions, then this unique coaching offer may be just what you are looking for. We are drawing upon some of the most important aspects of our Collective Leadership work to make a distinctive coaching offer which places emphasis on:

  • Gaining a deeper understanding of the systemic challenge
  • Creative and reflective practices
  • Visual approaches
  • Taking action with others and reflecting on changes
  • Working outdoors, in nature

This is all offered within a coaching framework which will be used to work closely with each individual or team to tailor and apply an approach that works best for them. We will also be hosting a suite of Coaching Development Workshops over the coming
months that will create an opportunity to explore the practice of Coaching for Systemic Change together.

Expressions of Interest

We currently do not accept expressions of interest anymore. 

However, should you wish to speak with us about a potential coaching for systemic change offer, please contact team lead Janet.Whitley@gov.scot.