Get Involved & Become a Host

Guidance for Event Hosts

Are you interested in the aim of this festival and want to explore a topic further? You can get involved in the festival by hosting an event yourself, as long as it matches the ethos and intention of the festival. The following sections will provide you with all necessary information on how to proceed.

If you have a question, or an idea for an event and want to discuss it further, you can email the organising team by emailing 

How to Submit Your Event

You will have to complete an online event application form, if you want to host your own event during the festival. After submission, your event will be checked by a member of the organising team to ensure alignment in content and approach with the festival ethos.  If this goes well, your event will be published to the official online calendar for this festival and be promoted alongside other events. To submit your event, please follow the guidelines below.

Before filling in the submission form:

  1. Topic: Think about your topic and proposed delivery approach and whether these match the theme & ethos of the festival. If you want to discuss your event idea beforehand, please get in touch via

  2. Title & Description Text: How can your event best be described? The clearer the event description, the easier it is for participants to understand what the event is about. Be aware that the platform you host your event on (for example, Eventbrite) might have a character or word limit for this. 

  3. Date & Time: Choose a date and time for your event. Please note that there is only one event able to take place during each time slot. All sessions are 55 minutes long and start at the full hour. You can check what time slots are available by selecting the day and time in the submission form. 

  4. Image: Find an image which fits your event and which might catch the audience’s attention. You can choose to include the official Illuminating Leadership branding materials, which you can download below. Please make sure you have the copyright for the images you use or include an artist credit, where necessary. 

  5. Video-Conferencing Platform: You can choose to set up your session on a suitable hosting platform (Zoom, MS Teams, etc.) of your choosing now.

  6. Event-Hosting Platform: You can now set up your event on a hosting platform, such as Eventbrite. Your event participants will sign up to your event here and you are responsible for the communication with your event participants. This includes sending out information on how to join your session. 

Filling in the form:

  • You should now have all information needed to fill in the submission form. 
  • Please make sure you provide an up-to-date email address, so that the organising team can get in touch with you, if necessary.  
  • Please note that your event will not appear automatically on the festival calendar after you submit your event. A member of our team will check your submission and then publish it within 1-3 working days. 
  • Has your event been published? Great! Make sure you don’t miss out on the following steps to make sure people hear about your event.

How to Promote your Event

After your event has been published, you need to let people know you are hosting an event and make sure they can attend your event by sharing information with them:

  • Promotion: As an event host, you are responsible for promoting your event to attract an event audience. The organising team will promote the festival as a whole, and thereby help promote your event, too. To attract a diverse festival audience, we are encouraging all hosts to help promote the festival, as well as other events, where possible. You can use the the official logo as well as festival briefs available below to help promote your event. You can also follow @CollectiveScot and share the official hashtag #IlluminatingLeadership on Twitter.
  • Coordinating Platforms: Make sure that you have set up a meeting (Zoom, Teams, etc) for your event time and date. Please check that you have included the correct joining instructions for your session on your event hosting platform (for example, Eventbrite).
  • Communication with Participants: You have to make sure that those signed up to your event receive the necessary instructions on how to join your session. You might also want to let them know about any prior reading or preparations for your session at least a day before the event. We recommend that you send login instructions at least 1 hour and again, 5-10 minutes prior to the start of your event. This ensures that also those who sign up to your event at short notice can attend. 

How to Host your Event

Now that your event is set up and soon approaching, you might want to think about how to prepare for hosting your session. Below you can find a few tips, which could support you in hosting your event.

  • Get to know the platform and do a test run.
  • Have a co-host to help with technical hosting. This can be ‘muting’ people, answering or reading out queries in the chat and handling breakout rooms.
  • Think about whether you want to use any tools to help with the session ( But also remember that sometimes a more simple approach can be more effective.
  • Think about the different ways that you can create spaces that encourage conversation and connection amongst participants.
  • Consider whether you need any slides or notes to illustrate your topic, but aim to keep these to a minimum.
  • Check how many people have signed up so that you know how to host the best conversations.

Branding Materials & PDF Festival Briefs

If you want to use the official logo for the preparation or promotion of your event, you can download the official Illuminating Leadership branding materials here. You can also download a PDF Festival Brief that you can share with your contacts. 

Logo: White Text/ Clear Background

Logo: Blue Text/ Clear Background

PDF Festival Brief

MS Word Festival Brief