Supportive Practices

Recognising the very difficult circumstances that many colleagues are working in at present, a really important aspect of this offer is to share a range of approaches and practices that could be tried out by colleagues, either individually, in pairs or small groups. These might create a route for reflection, support and connection or might simply create an opportunity to try something new and have a different experience.

In suggesting these, we are drawing upon practices which have been important in our Collective Leadership work and where we have found that the small amount of time that is invested can lead to quite significant effects. We are also hopeful that creating brief opportunities for colleagues to have different kinds of conversations and experiences at this time may help in making sense and meaning from the things going on around us and offer some alternative routes to achieve the kinds of connections that we may feel are currently lacking.

We will make a range of resources available over the course of our “One Thing at a Time” themed weeks to provide colleagues with simple guidance and information on how to get involved. The practices will include:


Dialogue Walks


A structured conversation where two individuals take the time for a walk (during their daily exercise, around the house or sitting in a quiet spot) where they commit to the intention to
share and listen deeply for a longer-than-usual amount of time.

What is a Dialogue Walk and how to do it online:

For everyone who is new to Dialogue Walks (and how to do them online), we have written a blog post which gives suggestions on how you can do your Dialogue Walk.

Get our Dialogue Walk Card:

Your companion for when you go on your walk.
Download it for free to your phone or print it out! 

Dialogue Walk Event

An informal event where participants will share stories of walking from the comfort of your chair or on your phone whilst walking via Zoom.

Creative Exercises and Challenges


In lockdown, days can feel a lot more repetitive. Combined with spending a lot more time in front of screens, you may be feeling a lack of motivation or general unease. Taking a few minutes to do something different and creative can help. Using creative approaches can also help us to uncover different possibilities.

Pack of Creative Exercises & Challenges:

Some handy information cards with creative practice ideas that you can try with your team, or by yourself.

Empathic Listening


There are many definitions of empathy and ideas about what it is. Rather than more discussion this webinar is focused on the experience of empathy. Being deeply heard is a powerful experience that can stay with us. In this space of acceptance we find our own inner resources, solutions and move forward.

Slidepack for Empathy: The Magic of Deep Listening

Download the slidepack for Shona Cameron’s online session, held in May, here.

Guided Journaling


You are taken through a series of questions, one at a time, and given a short amount of time to write down whatever comes up for you. Can provide insight into what is going on for you and what is important to focus on at a given time.

Guided Journaling Online Sessions:

We offer free guided journaling sessions online.
Get your pen and notebook ready, and sign up to your session!

Mindfulness Session


Developing a stable or settled mind takes time and practice. A focussed, quiet mind will enable us to see more clearly, be aware of biases and judgments and enable us to make wise
decisions. These short sessions will guide you through a mindfulness practice.

Cultivating a Stable Mind:

As part of our programme ‘One Thing at a Time’, we will be hosting two weeks under the theme of ‘Stable Mind’, including guided audio practices.

Hosted Mindfulness Sessions:

Weekly hosted 20 minute mindfulness sessions with an emphasis on stopping and becoming more self- aware, offered every Monday at 4.00 pm.

Case Clinics


A tightly structured technique similar to an action learning set, where a participant brings a challenge they are facing and are coached by their colleagues to find a way forward.

What are Case Clinics:

The Presencing Institute offers some resources on Case Clinics, including videos and a downloadable pdf-toolkit. The link will lead you to their online resources.  

Come to our Case Clinics:

If you are interested in this offer, please do get in touch with us via the link to the right.

Base Camp Groups


A group that agrees to meet regularly to reflect on the day and what they are learning. Suggested light structures for the group to follow are available.

What are Base Camp Groups?

Are you interested in joining a Base Camp Group?
If so, please do let us know via the link to the right.

We are currently running Basecamp Groups

These are part of our Collective Leadership for Renewal Programme. Have a look!

Co-Inquiry Groups


As we introduce our Themed weeks the Collective Leadership for Scotland team members have been formulating some inquiry questions for ourselves as we move through this pandemic season. Part of the reason for developing the questions is that we wanted to bring to the fore the role of action inquiry in our work and take some time to engage in the practice of learning in real time for ourselves and as a team in this unique set of circumstances.

Join our Co-Inquiry Group:

If you would be interested in taking part in this co-inquiry, please let Dot know. (

You can learn more about this invitation at the bottom of our ‘One Thing at a Time’ webpage.

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