One Thing At A Time


During this unprecedented global situation, the Collective Leadership for Scotland team has been reflecting on what its response and offer should be. Our first instinct was to rush to “do” something, but we’ve taken the opportunity to reflect, read, speak to partners and listen to thought leaders in the system and have found an appetite for some focussed learning and practice around some key themes. We fully recognise the fear, anxiety and overwhelm of this time and thought it would be useful for us to provide some space and time to slow down, work at depth and move away from the frenetic pace all around us. As a team, we want our response to be helpful, we want to stay present and available and to create “islands of sanity”, which are defined by Meg Wheatley as creating the safe conditions for people to do meaningful work.


We are delighted to announce that our new programme will run 14 September – 6 November 2020. Have a look at what events are coming up!

Overview of Themes

The Three Horizons

This work has been produced in collaboration with Graham Leicester from the International Futures Forum.

Navigating with Action Inquiry

Our ‘Action Inquiry’ theme has been created in collaboration with Dr Cathy Sharp.

Cultivating a Stable Mind

These mindfulness materials and resources have been kindly generated by many interested in mindfulness and working in different roles across public services.

Leading in Unknowing

A series of online learning opportunities with Martin Kalungu-Banda, creating short but in-depth opportunities to learn and reflect together on our leadership at times of unknowing.

Supportive Practices

Recognising the very difficult circumstances that many colleagues are working in at present, a really important aspect of this offer is to share a range of approaches and practices that could be tried out by colleagues, either individually, in pairs or small groups. These might create a route for reflection, support and connection or might simply create an opportunity to try something new and have a different experience.

We have made a range of resources available to provide colleagues with simple guidance and information on how to get involved. Have a look at them now!