Update: Please note that the CLFS work is currently under review and the team will currently not be offering its full range of development offers. You can read the full November team update here.

Leadership and Facilitation Programme

“This was the most amazing course I have ever been on in my 17yrs in Public Sector.
It challenged me and took me to a depth of work that I never expected but was very open to.
I am truly honoured to have been part of such a wonderful group of people from Scotland that took part. ”

Clair Thomson, Police Scotland

The complexity of the challenges we face today across society including issues like enduring poverty and inequality and climate breakdown calls for a different response from public service leaders: a collective leadership approach to bring about transformational changes where answers emerge from collective sense-making. This type of leadership requires self-awareness, the ability to suspend judgement, work in uncertainty and to surface and work with diverse perspectives. Leaders who have in their sights on the health of the whole system not just their organisation or area of responsibility, who can build relationships through deep listening and learn through taking action and reflecting.

There is an increasing appreciation that this is challenging work and therefore requires skilled support and new ways of learning to do this well. Key to shifting to this way of working is to have skillful facilitation embedded with groups of leaders who are seeking to bring about change in real, specific, complex challenges.  There is also recognition that leaders need to develop the capacity to understand their role in whole systems and become more relational and facilitative in their leadership practice.

To meet this expanding need, Collective Leadership for Scotland has developed a collective leadership offer, drawing and strengthening connections to other systems leadership offers in public services.

Please note that this programme does not run anymore. 

New Collective Leadership for Scotland Strategy Model.
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Facilitation for Collective Leadership – Thought Piece Mini-Series
For a long time we have struggled to articulate the process of facilitation that we believe to be important when working with collective leadership groups tackling complex issues. This art of facilitation doesn’t just lie with those who have a title of ‘facilitator’ but is also key to leadership practice. Over the next few months we will be sharing experiences and thinking around facilitation in complexity, with the view that we can tentatively make the “intuitive, tacit and unconscious” ways of knowing more visible.