Facilitation Development

The Facilitators Network provides support to public service workers using facilitation tools and techniques as part of their roles. The network meets regularly throughout the year with support offered through a peer learning model.

Public service reform means a greater demand for services, organisations and partnerships to transform what they do and the way they do it. The change needed is complex and multifaceted with a necessary focus on collaboration beyond traditional boundaries. One of the ways to ensure this change is sustained and effective is by supporting it with skilled facilitation.

There are lots of people already working in and with public services who have the skills to facilitate groups who are engaged in complex, systemic change. There are also a number of people who would like to develop their capacity to work in this challenging area. In response to a growing demand for support for this type of facilitation we have developed a facilitation network and some materials which aims to support the development of this kind of facilitation capacity.

A core group of facilitators experienced in supporting complex change is already in place supporting collaborative groups with transformation and there is a need and an opportunity for other facilitators to join the Enabling Collaborative Leadership Pioneer Programme; a specific offer of cross organisation facilitation around complex change.

In collaboration with colleagues from across all public service we are developing this facilitation network for sharing experiences, tools, techniques, with a view to enhancing the capacity of facilitators at different stages of expertise all across Scotland. Alongside this we are developing a range of materials that will help people to gauge their readiness for this type of facilitation as well as supporting their development.

As part of our work supporting a facilitators network, we are in the process of drafting some guidance materials, which would help facilitators reflect on their own skills and experience in relation to complex, cross sector work.

The draft guidance can be found here – please do note that it is an evolving document!

We have a forum space on the Khub here, where you can share themes and topics you are interested in discussing with the network.

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