Flourishing Workforce Event

Hosted with the Glasgow School of Art and with Sir Peter Housden (the then Permanent Secretary). Sir Peter expressed his seven steps for Lighting a Small Fire at this event, contributing to the later formation of the Fire Starter Festival.

Seven Steps for Lighting a Small Fire, as expressed by Sir Peter Housden:

  1. Create circles of trust (build good relationships within your organisation to ensure that you are listened to and receive open and honest support and challenge at work). The bigger the circle of trust goes, the more powerful it will become. These circles celebrate success, failure and learn from one another
  2. Give people space to succeed and fail. Be clear about the kinds of responsibilities & challenges you are giving people and give space to get on with work and succeed or fail. This involves avoiding micro-managing people, instead giving them space to take forward work that is important.
  3. Encourage boundary busters. Whilst organisations have to be accountable, the best organisations are full of people who know when it is appropriate to disrespect rules and boundaries to find new ways of working together. Encourage people and celebrate their success
  4. Tackle bad behaviour. Confront & tackle bad behaviour in yourself as well as in others. Deal with behaviour that is counterproductive to work forward and build greater understanding in teams.
  5. Accept that change will not happen overnight.Set clear expectations and understanding that changing the culture of an organisation is a hard and iterative process and will not always come easily.
  6. Remember your purpose. Keep the purpose of your organisation, network or role in sight. What is it that you are trying to achieve? Why is it important? Who are you really working for? Organisational purpose can be an anchor point that helps to build a stable foundation
  7. Give up power. Give power and authority to others in the organisation who are capable of taking the work forward. This involves removing static hierarchies, empower your staff and share power across the organisation to help breed long lasting success.)