Action Inquiry - Resources

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Collective Leadership for Scotland

Research Paper “Collective Leadership: Where Nothing is Clear and Everything Keeps Changing – Exploring new territories for evaluation ” (2018) – This is a good place to start. It uses wide-ranging literature with many references and links, some of which are picked up in the resources listed below. 

How action research can help to deliver better services, IRISS

This storyboard aims to explain what action research is and how it can help to improve public services. It uses the example of Cedar (Children experiencing domestic abuse recovery) in Scotland to talk through how action research can be useful and offers some hints and tips for those thinking about undertaking action research themselves.

Bill Torbert

These two short videos from Bill Torbert are useful for novices and a good reminder for others.  

  • What is action inquiry?
  • Timely Action – The Power of Action Inquiry

First Person Practices

Good account of first-person practices – in action. Accessible for novices and refreshing for all. Sheila McNamee ‘Radical presence’ (2015)

Second-Person Inquiry Practices

AR+ Co-Labs Future Learning – developing a practice of always learning in teams. Great all-round short resource – linking first person and second person inquiry.


Edgar Schein - Humble Inquiry

Short Talk on Humble Inquiry for leaders – as a way to build relationships.

Edgar Schein and Otto Scharmer

Edgar Schein and Otto Scharmer in conversation (Jan 2015) Fascinating extended interview with Edgar Schein – useful for novices and a good reminder for all. Accessible here:


Worth watching in full – Hilary Bradbury, Steve Waddell and Danny Burns on the implications of relational inquiry for large scale change. Accessible here:


IRISS Insight

IRISS Insight “Forming new futures through appreciative inquiry” Insight 33. Accessible here:

IRISS Podcast

IRISS Podcast on Appreciative Inquiry (2016) Useful for all.  Brings ideas about inquiry to life. Accessible here:

Appreciative Inquiry Comms

Appreciative Inquiry Commons, Worldwide portal to lots of resources. Accessible here: