What We Do

Who is Collective Leadership for Scotland

Collective Leadership for Scotland is a collaborative network which draws colleagues from across our public services to help collaborate on complex, systemic issues in service of wider public service transformation.

This work originated through the Scottish Leaders Forum (SLF), with an initial focus on the strong Christie themes of collaboration and participation, and these have been prominent drivers in our work ever since then. The principles of co-design and co-delivery sit at the heart of everything that Collective Leadership for Scotland does, gathering together capacity and expertise around key development themes in service of our wider system.

The work is curated by a small Core Development team within Scottish Government and, from this, our work with partners takes us into a diverse range of development activity in localities across Scotland, with around 5,000 participants in our work each year.

What Do We Do?

Working and leading in times like these requires us to find new approaches to harness the skills and capacity from across our system to address the many complex issues we face. The revised National Performance Framework also provides a compelling case for us to draw together everything we know about how best to work together to deliver deeply inter-related outcomes.

With this in mind, our Collective Leadership for Scotland Strategy was developed through widespread engagement with partners over 2019 and has been confirmed around the themes of:

  • Growing our Ability to Work in Complex Systems

  • Building our Capacity for Collective Leadership

  • Sparking Creativity and Innovation

  • Working out Loud and Sharing our Story

  • Connecting the System to More of Itself

Scroll down to listen to Janet Whitley, Team Lead, explain the concept of Collective Leadership. 

The 2020 Collective Leadership for Scotland Strategy Model

We design and deliver learning and development activity with our partners to help to equip colleagues to take up their collective, system leadership roles.  This includes facilitation support for teams of people in their places of work and leadership, widespread interventions to stimulate new and creative ways of working, focussed development programmes to develop facilitation capacity, learning events around key themes and bespoke learning offers for sectors and partners. 

Our emphasis is on learning and building capacity for leadership which appreciates and engages with the whole system, including the behavioural and relational aspects, and where openness, learning and willingness to take collective action are at the core. 

What does the team do at the moment? (Covid-19 Update)

In more normal circumstances, we are out and about, working with multi-partner leadership teams all over Scotland. Under the current circumstances, we cannot do this anymore. However, we have developed other means through which we hope to support our partners, public services and the wider community. Have a read through what we do currently.

Listen to Team Lead Janet Whitley explain the Concept of Collective Leadership