About Us

Public Services are Reforming.

In order to achieve the outcomes that matter to the people of Scotland, we are working in partnership to unlock the full creativity and potential of people at all levels of public service, and empowering them to work together in innovative ways.

Collective Leadership for Scotland is a collaborative initiative to develop and support the workforce across public service organisations in Scotland.

We want to ensure that everyone working together to improve Scottish public services has access to high quality, multi-disciplinary development opportunities which:

  • Engage and motivate staff around delivery of outcomes and policy priorities
  • Build skills and confidence to take an assets-based approach
  • Create confidence to work across organisational boundaries
  • Build capacity to collaborate.

Our vision is to see Scottish public services delivered by a highly skilled and engaged workforce.

Skills and engagement built through:

  • highly developed sector specific and professional training
  • clear commitment to effective staff engagement

Collective Leadership Scotland are a collaborative partnership which reaches right across public services, with a small core team based within The Scottish Government, currently comprised of:

  • Janet Whitley, Collective Leadership Team Lead
  • Karen Lawson, Collaborative Learning Lead and Chief Fire-Starter
  • Keira Oliver, Collective Leadership Research and Evaluation Lead & u.lab Scotland
  • Dot McLaughlin, Collective Leadership Programme Manager
  • Verena Albrecht, Communications, Engagement and Events Manager
  • Silje Graffer, Communications and Fire Starter Development Officer
  • Conor James, Collective Leadership Administrator

Our team also run Fire Starter Festival, which supports transformation and innovation of public services through a festival of events.

We would love to hear from you if you are interested in finding out more about our work.

Contact us via email here or on Twitter.

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