Three Tips on Creating Mindfulness at Your Home

Guest Blog by Denise Langan

Undoubtedly it’s one of the most challenging times that we have all been through. We’re forced to adopt a new way of living in recent months owing to coronavirus. Nearly 1/3 of the world population are spending a lot more time at home and we are confronted with our emotions almost 24/7. Surely we miss the tranquility of yoga studio, the peace that we gained when we were in a group meditation class. Whilst it’s impossible for us to maintain our mindfulness practice in a collective physical environment, each of us can still obtain the calm and inner peace at home through switching some of our routine, creative uses of furniture and decorative items to support our mindfulness journey.

Create a quiet corner at home

With new responsibilities of homeschooling, working from home, the boundary of home and work is suddenly challenged. It’s therefore more important to just craft a little space where we can just be quiet, and tune in to listen to the whispers of our hearts and soul. You don’t need new furniture or a complete overhaul to do that. It’s quite simple. Roll out your yoga mat or a throw, sit on it. You will immediately feel that you have entered a new zone. Comfort is everything! Surround yourself with soft cushions, bolsters. And just stay in this corner as long as you want.

Feel into the texture of the cushion. How does it make you feel? Write it down
Feel into the texture of the cushion. How does it make you feel? Write it down
Blue is always a colour that brings peacefulness, inner calm. This colour palette reminds me of the blissful sea breeze
Blue is always a colour that brings peacefulness, inner calm. This colour palette reminds me of the blissful sea breeze

The colour blue always brings tranquillity and peacefulness. Do you have some blue cushions at home? Or maybe a candle holder in blue that can bring you to a state of peacefulness? Look into the material of the cushions as well. Make sure you feel a sense of support and comfort. Personally I love linen cushions as it connects me with nature

Pamper yourself with a spa at home

It’s definitely a stressful time, isn’t it? I really miss massage in treatment center. One thing about treatment centers is they are always mindful of creating an environment that can support relaxation. You can also create one at your home! Perhaps it’s time to check the paint colour in your bathroom. Are they advocating relaxation? Or is it too dark that you just don’t feel inclined to stay longer?

If it’s not possible to change the colour of your bathroom, we can invite some peacefulness by incorporating natural materials. Perhaps using bamboo baskets as storage to curate a spa-like environment? Place diffuser with an inviting scent, and place some plants by the sink, or on the cupboard. Make your bathroom not only functional, but beautiful.

Put a few drops of your favourite essential oil or bath oil into your bath, I am a big lover of lavender scent. Turn off the ceiling lights (lighting is a very important element in any interiors!) Light some candles. If you feel in need of extra love, put a few rose petals in your bath. Really savour into the moment.

Your bathroom can be both functional and beautiful. Savour into the moment.

Bring some mindful prompts in

When I first brought mindfulness into my day to day life, it wasn’t easy to remember to be mindful. I have set notifications on my mobile, but there are just TOO many notifications that I often just ignored it. Physical mindful prompts are extremely helpful for you to practice mindfulness. I never enjoy washing dishes, I mean, who do? But I come across this beautiful quote in The Miracle of Mindfulness by Thich Nhat Hanh and it makes you contemplate how often we are on autopilot. There are a lot of posters and art available, however you can also create one like I did. Put it in the kitchen, on your desk, to remind yourself to be mindful.

Why not get your children involved in creating these mindful prompts? It can be fun and educational.

wash dishes.png

I can go on and on to write about creating mindfulness at home, however it all begins with you by allowing some time to be still, be mindful .. Don’t beat yourself up when you have monkey mind or over think. Acceptance and awareness is key. I wish you a calming time at home during this challenging time. I would love to learn how mindfulness has supported you during your time at home. Connect with me by sharing your mindful home journey, or if you need more tips, happy to chat!

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