Skilled Workers, Skilled Citizens: invitation to shape a big, lively conversation on March 2nd 2016

Since 2013 the Scottish Leaders Forum has sponsored an initiative called ‘Skilled Workers, Skilled Citizens’.
This started with a question: ‘what is an assets approach to workforce development?’.

Over the next two years, a growing reference group visited pioneering people and organisations offering clues about how to answer that question.
We are now ready to share what we’ve learned so far. We have videos, reports, pamphlets, weblinks and photos that dig below the surface of the common themes we have identified (see box, below).
 SWSC Summary

So on March 2nd, in Edinburgh, we will be hosting a big, lively conversation. This will be a place where

– SWSC pioneers can share our learning;
– Human Resources and workforce development professionals can enjoy stimulating space to reflect; and
– Networks and organisations interested in ‘assets approaches’ can mingle, meet and perhaps discover previously untapped connections and opportunities.
This event is one of a number of high profile events planned for 2016 by the Scottish Leaders’ Forum. It will not shirk from the realities of our current experience of shrinking budgets; but it will aim to offer a purposeful and constructive contribution into a wider conversation about how power can shift more from state (and professions) to citizens; and how the full implications of the 2011 Christie Commission into the future for public services might be realised over coming years.

What next?

If you’d like to come along as a participant, click here to express interest in attending.

If you can get actively involved in the design group for this event, click on the link and tick the relevant box – noting that our next design meetings are in Edinburgh (venue to be confirmed) on:

– 13 January 2016 – 2-4pm
– 9 February 2016 – 2-4pm
– 25 February 2016 – 2-4pm
 If there’s anything else you’d like to know – email Nick Wilding at  or phone  07557 494695.
For more on Workforce Scotland see:
For a preview of Skilled Workers, Skilled Citizens material, see some videos here
For more background on Scottish Leaders’ Forum, see:

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