Skilled Workers, Skilled Citizens – Recovery Event March 2015

On 30th March, participants from Skilled Workers, Skilled Citizens pioneer sites collaborated in hosting an event that asked ‘how might our public services be in recovery?’.


A really diverse group of over 100 people came and experienced something of what it feels like to be part of a recovery movement, from the inside.

We began by meeting each other as human beings, not job titles. We circulated round different tables, and heard quick ‘seed’ talks from people in recovery and people from the wider SWSC network.

SWSC SRC pic 1After lunch, Kuladharini from Scottish Recovery Consortium led a ‘milling’ exercise. This invited us to slow down, and get in touch – in our bodies – with how it feels to genuinely connect with someone else.

After this, a whole new quality of conversation happened. People said they found the experience surprisingly ‘refreshing’, ‘gentle’ and ‘deep’.

The aim of the event was not to generate a list of immediate actions; but to open a space for reflection and perhaps to spark new kinds of connections, insight and intention.

Time will tell if it makes a difference. The event team will debrief at the end of April and produce a short video to share.

We will also report back in May back on any early feedback about what, if anything, people tell us the event has helped to spark.

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