What is Collective Leadership
for Scotland?

We are a collaborative network which draws colleagues from across our public services to help collaborate
on complex, systemic issues in service of wider public service transformation.

We design and deliver learning and development activities with our partners to help equip colleagues to take up their collective, system leadership roles. This includes facilitation support for teams of people in their places of work and leadership, widespread interventions to stimulate new and creative ways of working, focussed development programmes to develop facilitation capacity, learning events around key themes and bespoke learning offers for sectors and partners.

“Collective Leadership for Scotland contributes to building a critical mass for system change,
to help to sustain the ambitions of the Christie Commission and the delivery of the National Outcomes for Scotland.”

– from impact report
How do we know we are doing good work‘, 2022

Resources & Publications

Together with our partners, we have created a database of resources which is open and available to anyone. 

Available resources include Collective Leadership for Scotland impact reports, articles on collective leadership and systems change as well as practicable materials on practices such as mindfulness. Have a look at all available resources via the link below.

Collective leadership feels timely and important in an uncertain, fast changing, and challenging world. This report comes at this heightened moment of urgency and appetite for renewal, bringing potential to do things differently in public services and communities.”

– from impact report
How do we know we are doing good work‘, 2022