What is Collective Leadership
for Scotland?

We are a collaborative network which draws colleagues from across our public services to help collaborate
on complex, systemic issues in service of wider public service transformation.

We design and deliver learning and development activities with our partners to help equip colleagues to take up their collective, system leadership roles. This includes facilitation support for teams of people in their places of work and leadership, widespread interventions to stimulate new and creative ways of working, focussed development programmes to develop facilitation capacity, learning events around key themes and bespoke learning offers for sectors and partners.

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Our Areas of Work

Collective Leadership Offer


Collective Leadership is offered to cross-organisational groups who are grappling with a complex issue and are open to learning and doing things differently.

Facilitating & Hosting Conversations Online


These are open space sessions in which participants can share their skills, ideas, methods, approaches with peers.


We recruit and support experienced facilitators to work with teams on-site to help them solve the complex issues they are trying to address. 

Who are we?

Collective Leadership Scotland are a collaborative partnership which reaches right across public services, with a small core team based within The Scottish Government.

Our partnership network includes a  Collective Leadership Strategic Steering Group, which includes colleagues with a range of interests across sectors and organisations, the Collaboration and Transformation Partners, the Core Development Team, the Facilitation Team, Participants in Development Events and Activities and our Collective Leadership Community.


"Collective Leadership for Scotland is, in my experience, an exemplar for how leaders need to be trained for this time. Working as a community of like-minded and motivated leaders, learning to think systematically, focused on innovation, contribution and service - these are the essential ingredients that leaders need now."
Margaret Wheatley
Internationally acclaimed writer, speaker and teacher
“The approach to collective and compassionate leadership in Scotland is inspiring, powerful and essential. The challenges we face in the NHS, social care and more widely require collective, compassionate and inclusive leadership. The work of Scottish Government to achieve this is more convincing and comprehensive than I have seen anywhere else. There is integrity, profound truth and a heartfelt and human commitment to nurturing compassion and connection that is essential for our communities. This programme of leadership in Scotland is hugely encouraging in its promise to enable all to work together to meet the huge challenges we face."
Professor Michael West
Professor and Researcher